About Mandy

I am a freelance writer, author, content creator and writing consultant based in Johannesburg,Mandy Schubach Freelance Writer South Africa. My clientele are global, all in need of high quality, informative and reader-friendly content. Some are media corporations; others are marketing companies or professional bloggers. Whether it is articles you need, help producing a book for your company or perhaps newsletters that will tweak your sales – you have come to the right writer!

My thirst for knowledge never quenches itself, resulting in well-researched copy that is accurate and increases brand awareness, online visibility and enhances project outcomes. My writing is in high demand and immense pride is taken in the quality of my work. I specialize in making complex subjects easily understood by Freelance Writera wide array of targeted markets; my ability to adapt any tone and style into my writing will grab the attention of any audience.

While I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Rhodes University, it is my experience that generates consistent satisfaction from my clients. Spanning nearly a decade, I have successfully completed thousands of freelance writing projects on almost every subject in existence. Exposure to this wealth of knowledge has turned me into Jill-of-all-trades.

When not at my desk, I am found outdoors. A qualified animal behaviorist, I help people overcome the challenges animals present us with on occasion. I am usually surrounded by a myriad of creatures and delight in their company. My free time is spent on leisurely forest walks, lengthy horse rides through the countryside and splashing about lakes, rivers and waterfalls.