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How To Help An Anxious Dog

Anxiety is possibly the most common problem dogs are faced with today. Canines were never meant to be confined at home, without adequate exercise or normal dog activities. If we understand this, we can replace anxiety with solutions instead.

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How To Stop Urine Marking in Dogs

If your dog is urine marking, they do not have a housetraining problem. Marking is a communication behaviour and they only do it when they have something to say. This is a smelly issue that permeates our homes, but it can be resolved with dedication.

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Is Your Dog Afraid Of The Outdoors?

It is extremely rare to find a dog afraid of the outdoors, but it does happen. If your pet is paranoid about leaving the house, you will have to deal with inside urination and other anxiety related behaviour problems. Fortunately, help is available.

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Dealing With Multiple Cat Conflict

Multi-cat households invariably have anxious individuals with chronic behaviour problems. Cats are not social animals but will adapt to the presence of other cats if they have the opportunity to do so. So how do we resolve conflict among them?

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How To Stop Your Cat From Urine Marking

If your cat is marking with urine in your house, it is likely to smell extremely bad. This is a communication issue, as opposed to a litter box problem. The only way to stop urine marking is to remove the need for our cats to leave messages behind.

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How To Deal With Anxiety in Cats

The cause of most behavioural issues and medical conditions, anxiety afflicts millions of cats around the world. Being solitary animals, cats will not cope in a stressful environment. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce anxiety in our feline friends.