Top Ten Cloud Storage Providers

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Have you ever lost files that were critically important? How would you feel if you lost all the Bloggingphotographs of your child’s first years? Statistics prove that data loss is far more common than we think and is responsible for many businesses failing. If you invest in anything valuable, you should really consider a safe method to store and protect that sensitive information. After considerable research, we have found some of the best online storage services on offer so you do not have to. We list them for you below:

    • Mozy

Servicing thousands of businesses, Mozy offers one of the safest backup solutions. Their user interface is simple to use, easily manageable and can accommodate multiple servers and users. You are in complete control over your own backups, bandwidth usage, user access, mobile devices and more. Automatic backups can be chosen or they can be done at specific times, and you can continue working while the process completes itself. This company saves numerous versions of your files that can be retrieved from their servers when needed. Features are limited on the personal package and they charge expensively per gigabyte.

    • Acronis

With functional and intuitive features, Acronis is a solid data backup company. It allows you to save information for up to five Windows computers and works with most smartphone devices. Known for their exceptional customer service, they provide a fully encrypted safety system. A simple interface enables total control of your backups and their scheduler is extremely convenient, offering scheduled backups monthly, weekly or daily. There is also automatic and increment options that will save you time. The only downside of Acronis is that they do not support Mac or Apple computers and storage space is limited to 250GB.

    • Sugarsync

Among the most popular companies around, Sugarsync will backup your data without affecting your productivity. They offer comprehensive data protection and enhanced security, with file sharing and syncing included in their packages. The latest five versions of your document are automatically saved and only one of them uses storage space. Compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems, you can access your files remotely using several devices. Possibly the easiest interface of them all to use, they offer the most features and continual backup solutions. Pricing is fair and your data is completely safe from all disasters.

    • Livedrive

Offering backup solutions for individuals, small businesses and large corporations, Livedrive has an exorbitant amount of storage space available. Their safety standards are among the best. It is easy to navigate your way through their user interface and configure your settings. Elaborate file sharing, syncing and collaboration features allow you to access your files from any of your computers and mobile devices, which allows you to work with colleagues on the same project. Possibly the best price for your space, Livedrive has a variety of backup choices that work flawlessly in the background. Their ProSuite package has a myriad of additional features for businesses.

    • MyPC Backup

With a huge amount of file space, encrypted security, a range of useful features, excellent functionality, fantastic pricing and multiple device compatibility for remote access, MyPC Backup is one of the leading companies in online cloud storage. You are given a variety of choices such as automatic and selective backups, as well as the ability to do it in stages. Their interface is extremely user-friendly and their scheduler allows you to backup your data hourly. You can sync files from your devices and share them easily with colleagues, and the entire service runs smoothly and quickly.

Cloud storage is a business investment. Losing data is extremely costly and onsite storage is risky.

    • YouSendIt

A multi-award winning company, YouSendIt is a trusted by millions of businesses worldwide. Easy remote access from any mobile device, a seven layer encryption strategy, extensive file sharing and collaboration features, simple configuration and backup management, ease-of-use, compatibility with email providers such as Outlook and Yahoo, pricing for a range of storage requirements and packages suitable for all business needs, YouSendIt is an affordable service for online data backup. Any size file can be shared with colleagues and their Pro Plus plan offers unlimited space and even E-signatures. Unfortunately, functionality is limited on their free plan.

    • Just Cloud

Simple syncing and file sharing, innovative features, world-class security, affordable pricing, unlimited space options, user-friendly, multi-platform compatibility, customizable scheduling for backups and more make Just Cloud a worthy service provider. Restoring files has never been easier and it saves numerous versions of all your documents. Locate My PC is a feature they offer that will track your computer in the case of theft or loss and you can even drag-and-drop any number of files using any computer, regardless of whether it has the application installed on it. Customer service is a top priority, making them a trusted online company.

    • SOS Online Backup

Enhanced encryption for safety, full integration with all operating systems and mobile devices, unlimited versioning, large file sharing capabilities, syncing, an intuitive user interface, remote access and a variety of instant backup options, SOS Online Backup offers a comprehensive data protection solution. As files are changed, they are automatically backed up and there are multiple versions of each document available when required. Data on up to five computers can be stored in your control panel and it functions in an easy drag-and-drop method. Customer support is readily available but you are limited to a maximum storage space of 100GB.

    • Cloud Drive is a web hosting service that offers online data protection in their Cloud Drive feature. Digital information can easily be backed up into their securely encrypted platform. Fully functional with all operating systems, you are able to access your data remotely using any mobile device. You can sync any file on your desktop and they offer 30GB of space free, along with a referral program that earns you more. Downloading and installing is fast and simple and their interface is easy to find your way around. You have all your web hosting, webmail and storage services in one place.

    • Egnyte

With terabytes of space available to customers, Egnyte offers four plans focused on businesses of all sizes. Remote access and collaboration is easy with their user-friendly interface. Various backup and syncing options allow files to be available on all operating systems and mobile devices. You are notified of all file changes made by employees and they offer annotations and file versioning. There is no size limit on files shared in their cloud and security is among the best available. Their pricing structure may be expensive for new businesses, but it is still an affordable backup solution for small companies.

Your data is valuable, protecting it essential. Cloud storage services save important information offsite where you can access it anytime, from anywhere! No more worrying about irreparable disaster, simply use our special offers and discount codes to sign up. For more information, feel free to contact us.