Five VoIP Companies That Save Money

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Are you overburdened with charges from your telephone company? Do you pay extra for essential features? Is your onsite PBX system expensive to maintain and store? Do you outsource help to manage your telephonic needs? Perhaps you need a better telecommunications solution to accommodate an influx of incoming and outgoing calls? As your business grows, you should consider a cheaper alternative that offers more value, security and professionalism than what you currently get. We have done the research for you so you do not have to.


    • RingCentral

With standard PBX features included, RingCentral offers clients even more. This total telecom system is easy to navigate, priced well, completely customizable and compatible with all mobile operating systems. You can easily divide incoming call traffic among your employees and their call forwarding options will direct to several phones until they are located. Voice mail can be recorded, automated and delivered to the correct people. Conferencing, sms, instant messaging, emails, faxing and more ensure all your communications are in one place and you can manage your account from your smartphone. With two servers, they guarantee a system that always works.

    • Nextiva

No set up fees, no contracts and extremely flexible, Nextiva offers a total solution for your business telephone requirements. Fantastic statistics and reporting features are included in all their plans, as are do not disturb, call acceptance, call rejection, hold music, auto attendant, online conferencing, call forwarding, call routing and more. You can integrate your emails into their interface, which is very simple to use. There are additional fees to add more than ten extensions and to utilize their call queuing option. Their network is always online because they have three servers for redundancy and customer assistance is consistently available.

    • eFax

eFax is an online faxing service and although they are slightly more expensive than their competitors, they have no hidden costs and offer discounts with yearly purchases. You have a variety of options when choosing your number and there are several advantageous features. These include auto resending, e-signatures, fax previewing, scheduling deliveries, mobile device compatibility and unlimited fax storage. The amount of pages that you can send and receive depends on your plan, but you can attach up to five faxes per recipient and integrate it into your email account. In comparison to other fax providers, quality is exceptionally high.

Businesses save money on local and international calls, simply by using cloud telephony.

    • Phone Power Digital

Easily one of the best VoIP services for business, Phone Power offers simple office lines to complex offsite PBX systems. Incoming minutes are unlimited, international calls can be customized and every plan offers a second line for free. Beyond the standard features found in their competitors, they also have functions such as call transferring, returning calls, 411 directory assistance and the ability to give your location to the dispatcher in an emergency e-911 call. Call quality is high and users enjoy crystal clear online conferencing. Phone versatility, package flexibility, over forty five features and user-friendliness make Phone Power an excellent investment.

    • Skype

Among the most popular online phone services, Skype is cheap and offers free video chat between users. Simple set up, ease of use and basic functionality make them an excellent choice if you have minimal phone requirements. There are many ways to contact customer support and they are compatible with every mobile platform and computer operating system. However, adaptors for landline phones are not supported. Standard features include caller I.D., call waiting, voice mail, call forwarding, call transferring and live video conferencing, but you are unable to block calls, return calls or utilize the advanced functionality that other providers offer.

It is your finances, be wise with them. Cloud-based telephony will improve your communications tenfold, safely store your system offsite, make your business more professional and save you vast sums of money. Take advantage of our special offers and discount codes, or sign up for our private newsletter for detailed information.