Six Internet Security Suites For You

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Blog WriterHave you ever had your sensitive information compromised? Perhaps you suffer annoying email scams? Has any of your business data been lost or damaged because of viruses? Are you aware of how much personal data is accessible to unscrupulous individuals? Malware, adware, spyware, phishing, bots, root kit, scareware, worms, Trojans; malicious software is on the rise and your systems will quickly become infected if you do not protect yourself. The statistics are overwhelming, but we have done the research for you. These are the top Internet security services that will prevent irrevocable damage to your computers, files and private information:

    • PC Tools

A yearly license purchase of PC Tools will allow you to protect three Windows computers from spyware, spam, phishing, viruses, identity theft, file transfers and dangerous websites. It provides full security and will let you know in advance about a website’s reputation. Cookies are effectively blocked, intrusions are prevented and it does well with acknowledging phishing scams. It has optional performance improvements and installing their software is easy. Scans can be configured to begin automatically or manually, and they can be paused or delayed. There are no parental controls and you may still be vulnerable to threats from third parties.

    • Norton

Among the best antivirus software available, Norton will detect, isolate, test, quarantine and repair any threats that you may encounter. It will protect you while having IM conversations, downloading applications, clicking on links, opening email attachments and even during social media browsing. There are parental controls, personalized configuration, pulse updates, network mapping and an array of critical features. You can schedule automatic updates and scans or you can set them to manual. It will rate websites and give you detailed reports, as well as protect your Android devices. Their Identity Safe feature will ensure your private details remain consistently safe.

If you don’t have Internet security, your systems will soon be infected. Guaranteed.

    • Avira

Avira will detect, disable and clean your computer of all malware very effectively, including new threats. They offer a safety advisor that tells you whether a website can be trusted and they will actively destroy any downloaded viruses. Phishing attempts and financial or personal information theft is discovered quickly before any harm is done. Advanced child protection can also limit time they spend on certain games or websites, as well as protect an array of mobile devices. Your account can be customized to suit a variety of your needs, but the user interface is not all that friendly to navigate.

    • BitDefender

An effective weapon to have against malware, BitDefender protects you continually from every type of threat. It is powerful, effective and detects viruses, identity theft, scams, third parties, file damage and more. In fact, it even protects your privacy on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Their software is easy to use, can be customized to your needs, offers a two-way firewall and repairs your computer. There are many helpful features that include parental control, website security rankings and automatic or manual scan schedules. Help is always available but they do not include shredding or encryption of files.

    • Malwarebytes

Known for its quick scans and compatibility with other security software, Malwarebytes is one of the most popular safety services available. Armed with the most important features, viruses of all types will be found, disabled and removed from your computer. It is unlikely to clean severely infected PC’s, but it will work together with another program to get the job done. User-friendly and totally free, Malwarebytes runs with minimal hassle and does not affect your ability to work on other programs. Although it is an effective antivirus, it does not have specialized tools for online chat and social media protection.

    • Kaspersky

Kaspersky has the highest success rate for detecting new threats, making them leaders in online security. You will not have to worry about viruses, bots, root kits, Trojans, spyware, worms and other invasive malware. Infected PC’s are cleaned without hassle, you are prevented from navigating to dodgy sites and their interface is very user-friendly. You can control scans, updates, security levels, implement specific functions such as parental control and even type your financial and personal information into their virtual keyboard (bypassing anyone who attempts to steal it online). Loaded with exceptional features and protection ability, you will benefit immensely from using Kaspersky.

It is your business, your computers, your personal information. Do not allow them to become compromised! Internet security suites are designed to protect you from malicious software that steals identities, financial information and destroys systems. Use our special offers or discount codes to protect yourself and read our reviews for more information.