Three Popular Remote Desktop Companies

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How much help can your employees offer your customers? Do you need to send people to their premises? How much valuable time is wasted because you are unable to access information on a distant computer? Do you set reminders to send documents to people when you are at your desk? How long must they wait before you can share files with them? Virtual communication is essential to your business. You should consider ways to better meet your customer requirements and allow your staff higher productivity through access to information. We have compiled the research for you and these are the best remote desktop services available:


    • GoToMyPC

For real-time access to your PC while you are away, GoToMyPC offers an instant connection. Combined with high speed and user-friendliness, you will be able to work on your home or office computer securely from any internet browser. Initial setup is extremely fast and easy and there are a range of fantastic features to use. You can view and work on numerous monitors simultaneously, utilize a remote printer, instant message, see detailed reports and stream audio. Files can be synced, transferred and shared. Guests can be invited temporarily and to ensure correct transfer occurs, push Refresh and view the transfer screen.

Reputability is earned by customer support. Businesses using remote desktop are reliable brands.

    • LogMeIn

Possibly the easiest to use, LogMeIn offers simple navigation and file management between multiple computers. Their features are outstanding and include printing documents remotely, a friendly file transfer menu and it will not interrupt applications or working individuals. More than one screen can be viewed at a time and you can even listen to music. Compatible with most smartphones and applications such as Photoshop and Microsoft Word, they also have tools for sharing, file transferring and device syncing. Files are secure at rest, while being transferred and upon arrival. Unfortunately only some of the features are offered for Mac computers.

    • TeamViewer

While TeamViewer will allow you to work between PC’s, initial setup and configuration is more difficult than other services. This is because it is designed for businesses. Sales presentations, file syncing, device compatibility, document transferring, remote support, printing and other features function perfectly. You can set up a virtual private network that allows it to work without the internet. It supports an array of monitors and enables users to hide those they wish to keep private. It has a chat function and you can send customized emails inviting guests. TeamViewer is cost-effective, offering all the tools needed for productivity while away.

These are your clients, do not lose them and communicate quickly with them! Remote desktop services are available to help your staff improve customer support and work productivity. Try these services in a free trial or sign up with our special offers and discount codes. For detailed information, feel free to read our product reviews.