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Does Your Business Exist?

Businesses without an online presence are doomed to struggle. Finding targeted customers, converting leads, building reputability and marketing your brand is impossible if you do not exist. So how can you make sure people are able to find you?

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Are Your Customers Happy? Ask Them!

Customer satisfaction is vital for success. If your clients are disappointed, you will notice it in profit losses. Happy consumers will purchase your products, share your brand, build your reputability and send new clients to you. For free!

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Ten Split Testing Ideas for Email Campaigns

Optimal email strategies are constantly changing. Analyzing the performance of each component within your newsletters will drive traffic to you and convert leads. It is imperative for businesses to use split testing campaigns for improvement.

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Five Big Data Trends That Are Changing Commerce

Businesses would be wise to adapt to evolving consumer trends. With big data making an enormous impact on commerce, analysis of information is crucial to profit growth. Understanding your consumers will keep you ahead of your competitors.

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Why You Need a Business Intelligence Strategy

Your business decisions result in growth or failure. The only way to ensure survival is to have accurate information at your disposal. A business intelligence strategy allows you to find competitive advantages and use them for ongoing success.

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How To Optimize Your Email Marketing

Newsletters are an essential marketing strategy. Subscribers will purchase products, distribute information, provide new leads and solidify your reputation. However, they need to open and read them first. So how do you ensure they do?