How To Optimize Your Email Marketing

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Email marketing is essential for a successful business. It is undoubtedly the best tool for ensuring your readers are informed and feeling special. It is used to promote products or events, discounts or sales. In fact, it is useful for any information you wish to share. If it is done correctly, it will generate new leads and convert more sales, which is ultimately what we need. However, this is only true if your subscribers actually open the emails and read them. Optimizing your emails is a continual process, but how do you create one that stands out from others in their inbox and works to your advantage?

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    • Name of Sender

People trust what is familiar to them. The person sending the email is seen before the recipient even opens it, making it critically essential that it comes from a trusted source. If they know that the email comes from someone that they enjoy reading, they are more likely to open, read and share it. This is why choosing a good sender name and keeping it is a good strategy to implement into your campaign. You are able to play around with different names, but remember that people prefer receiving newsletters from another person (as opposed to an automated marketing machine). It is best to use real names or believable aliases. You can include a snippet about the author and the company to which they belong. We advise testing a variety of sending names and deciding on the one that performs best.

    • Subject Heading

The first thing that your readers will see when your email is sent is your subject line. This needs to interest them immediately or they may delete it without opening it. The goal here is to grab their attention and encourage them to read further in one short sentence. If you understand your audience properly, then you will be able to make your subject line relevant to them. Address their common concerns and propose an intriguing solution that will entice them. Another tactic you can use is to personalize your subject line. By including their first name or company, they feel it is addressed to them personally. It is also important to clarify the point of your email as soon as possible. The subject line is a good place to set the tone. For example, you can let your readers know instantly if you are offering discounts, inviting them to events or giving away free products.

Effective email marketing will dramatically improve return on investment.

    • Use Relevant Images

It is known that simple text emails with great content generally convert more leads than bold pictures. However, this does not mean that images are unnecessary. In fact, they are crucial to your results, particularly when used in conjunction with text. The difference between a successful campaign and a failed one is the relevance of your images. While they do need to attract your reader’s attention immediately, it is also important that they convey your message perfectly. They need to describe exactly what you are offering and explain the meaning of your email so that the reader instantly knows what it is about.

    • Tighten the Body

An extremely important component of your email should be the elimination of unnecessary content. In order to achieve success, your wording must be engaging, concise, compelling and interesting. It must make your readers want to learn more about what you are offering. The use of tone, language and format must combine together to generate leads. Ensure that your message is clear and makes your product valuable to your subscribers. Tricks such as using statistics, pointed language and answering or asking questions work exceptionally well. Another point to consider is that paragraphs must remain short and the email must be reader-friendly. This involves the use of bullet points and other methods that break the text into smaller snippets of information. Avoid copy that reads like an essay and keep it visually light or you risk losing the interest of your readers.

    • Create a Call-to-Action

The ultimate goal of your email campaign is to get your readers to click-through to your landing page and hopefully convert. Having a good call-to-action is the most essential aspect of your email and the reason why you are sending it in the first place. Decide what action you require of your readers, whether it is a telephone number, a download, a registration, a sale or something else. There are many ways to create a call-to-action, but make sure that it is prominently displayed and stands out visually. You can include several links or buttons within your newsletter that direct to one landing page. This will increase the chances of your readers taking action, particularly if you are using effective language. Keep it clear, structured, friendly and to the point.

    • Personalize your Emails

Relevant emails are far less likely to be marked as spam. A staggering forty percent of email recipients complain of irrelevance. People have been inundated with mass marketing techniques and they simply do not work anymore. Overcoming this obstacle involves personalizing your emails. This is achieved by customizing them to individual subscribers by using the information you have about them. Use their location, their job position, their company name, the products they have bought, the pages they have visited within your website and whatever else you may have acquired. The goal is to make them feel as if you understand their specific problems or needs and are able to provide a solution. Treat them as individuals instead of just another subscriber.

    • Allow Recipients an Unsubscribe Option

Not only is it illegal to omit an unsubscribe link, but it will seriously harm your sender reputation as well. It is essential that your readers actually want to receive your emails in order for your campaign to be targeting the correct market and accurately reflecting your click-through and open rates. If people wish to unsubscribe and they cannot find the option, they are likely to mark your future emails as spam. Ensure that your unsubscribe link can easily be found and make that landing page fun and engaging, with options to follow you on social media sites instead.

Those not using a targeted email strategy are vulnerable to complete failure in business.

    • Ensure Compatibility with Mobile Devices

It is incredibly frustrating to open an email on your mobile phone and have to scroll around endlessly to actually read it. The experience of your readers is critically important and should be your primary concern. This is why you have to adapt your newsletters to display perfectly on any device your readers may be using. There are many newsletter templates that are mobile-friendly; use them to build your email strategy and prevent losing a potential conversion needlessly.

    • Utilize Social Media

We cannot stress the important of allowing readers the option to share your content via social media. If you include links to several sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more), your readers will be able to expand your audience and help generate unique leads. Ensure that you have links for social sharing in every email you send, as well as a link for forwarding emails. If you are sending shareable content, your readers will be encouraged to use their networks to market your business within their circles. It is advisable to avoid using auto-generated copy. Rather personalize these links and write them yourself. You can even optimize your landing pages for social networks by customizing their meta descriptions.

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Optimizing your email strategy does not have to be overwhelming. If you understand your target market, know what aspects are the most important and are able to focus on those that require attention, your subscribers will be opening and reading your emails. You will soon be achieving your email campaign goals and converting leads. By implementing a split test analytic tool, you will be able to have fun determining which strategies produce the best results – and can tweak your newsletters until you have many satisfied readers interested in your product.