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A National Eisteddfod award winner about growing up and finding oneself. This coming-of-age poem is a message of learning, understanding and priorities.

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Freedom Train

A multiple award winner, including the National Eisteddfod, this poem speaks about winning the fight against the chaos of personal demons and societal conformity.

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The Innocence of Time

People have always been fascinated with time. We use it, we live by it. Mostly we struggle with it. This poem delves into the final moments we spend with Time.

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The War Cry

This poem won the National Eisteddfod and several other awards. History is a cycle, continually repeating itself. Humanity learns little from the past.

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The Numbing of Society

Used in a national campaign against violence, this poem won numerous prestigious awards. Societal apathy causes widespread acceptance of immorality.

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A Killer is Born

Written after intensive study of the Jack the Ripper case, this is a dark poem of rejection, and ultimately corruption. It is the lack of empathy for our fellow man.