A Killer is Born

Poetry Writer

Freelance Poem WriterNoisy silence of discrimination
Ideas of dated assassination
Screaming loose imagination
Lost in this caged association

Heartbeat, down on his knees
Crying now and begging “please”
His voice unheard tries to appease
So the tortured soul begins to cease

He bit hard to devour the agony
When no one heard his little plea
Villainous conquest assigned to be
He’ll do the job before he’ll flee

Shiny object from Celtic times
It’s hard to figure out all the rhymes
Illusion shattered, cutting lines
Reality arriving to pay the fines

The captured moments of losing his prize
The weapon used to hypnotize
Buried beneath the unspoken lies
He’s out to comfort their severed cries

Immoral commands make him no less
An illegal imp of the sun’s caress
Decision made to make no mess
His perdition hidden by our recess

His mission was calling and he journeyed on
While it was destined, forbidden wrong
Professional hands had led him long
There was more to come before he’d gone

Now he sat where their blood was banned
The knife held firmly in his hand
Their bodies scattered to clot the land
He’d figured out just where to stand

Poetry WritingThe mutilated clues had sealed his fate
He’d travelled with them to death’s dark gate
Once returned, he’d leave his bait
But they’re blind to decor and destined to wait

Our guilty conscience cries regretful tears
Presumptuous insanity to become our fears
Our voices lost to uncaring ears
While solving the mystery of lonely years