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Freelance Technical Writer

How To Avoid SSL Usage Mistakes

When a visitor arrives on your website, their safety is your primary concern. Many web designers mistake the process of SSL and unintentionally compromise the sensitive information of their users. It is your responsibility to prevent this, at all costs.

Freelance Technical Writer

How To Improve Wireframe Usability

Wireframes are essential to detecting design flaws as early as possible. Accurate results rely on limiting distractions. Leading the user toward a certain direction will impact the final outcome. So how do you tweak wireframes for optimal results?

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How To Learn Code The Right Way

Public code repositories are certainly useful, but they are very self-limiting. Building a website involves a certain understanding of code. Proper coding guarantees marketability, promises creative freedom and offers unique design abilities.

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How Split Testing Helps Marketing Campaigns

The performance of newsletters requires constant analysis. Split testing allows you to improve email marketing by tracking which components are converting leads. Eliminating ineffective content guarantees optimal email results and higher profits.

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How To Avoid Mistakes in Web Design

Website errors are the fastest way to lose visitors. There is nothing worse than facing broken links, code nonsense or other obvious mistakes. You will quickly become a source of distrust and unreliability, damaging your brand irreparably.

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Creative Freedom With MODX

Limitations are frustrating for website builders. It is near impossible to develop a design that looks and functions the way you envision it with most CMS platforms. Regardless of your coding skills, MODX offers a powerful tool for creative freedom.