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Protect Workbooks in Excel

It is often necessary to protect our Excel workbooks from accidental sabotage. It does happen that people mistakenly rearrange spreadsheets, delete them or change data. If we protect our workbooks, there is no risk of this occurring.

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Unprotect Workbooks in Excel

Protecting our Excel workbooks against unintentional mistakes is important, but we must also be able to work in them when needed. In order to do this, we will need to unprotect our workbooks, enabling us to make the necessary changes.

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Encrypting Workbooks in Excel

Restricting access to sensitive information is an important feature that Excel offers. By encrypting our workbooks, we prevent unauthorized individuals from stealing data or exposing themselves to information that is considered private.

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Advanced Cell Alignment in Excel

The manner in which data is displayed will make it easier to find in an Excel spreadsheet. Advanced alignment features are designed to clearly define specific information within cells, columns or rows, eliminating unwanted searching.

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Basic Cell Coloring in Excel

Data within an Excel spreadsheet can be grouped according to color. Using color is the most effective way to enhance visibility of important information. It directs the eye to highlighted data so that there is no need for scrolling around to find it.

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Using Patterns and Gradients in Excel

Excel allows us to pattern certain cells and combine shades of color with gradients. This is an advanced function that is usually used to fill empty cells. It is designed to enhance information by surrounding it with a contrasting difference.