Writing Services

Fact is… money is generated by professional content.

Ghost Writing

Creating content for your website, book or other publication is an integral aspect of your business,Ghost Writing but it devours time. The truth is that we are not all wordsmiths and should rather focus on doing what we are good at. Brimming with ideas, unable to put them into words or too busy to write, these are some good reasons to hire a ghost writer. Professional, researched, structured, engaging and reader-friendly content is essential to quality and requires writing expertise.


Companies have an opportunity to interact with their customers via eBooks and increase their EBook Authorrevenue. They can be used as a marketing tool by being freely distributed with certain products, provide specific information, encourage clients to make a purchase, promote services, educate the public, guide them through a particular process and they are inexpensive to produce. There is no other publishing method that allows such flexibility for expansion. They solidify brand reputability and increase awareness of your business.

Editing and Proofreading

Potential customers will quickly get the wrong impression about your professionalism if they areEditor and Proofreader forced to navigate spelling errors, typographical nonsense, basic grammar mishaps and badly written content. The structure, tone, style and consistency of writing will either horrify or delight your audience – and it is often the deciding factor in a conversion.

Website Content

Budget writing services are available in their masses, but they cost businesses more than theyWebsite Content Writer realize. Generic content is heavily penalized by search engines; it does not drive traffic to you or engage your customers effectively. With so much emphasis placed on content, you have an opportunity to establish a unique online brand for your business. Your website’s conversion power will be improved by updating your content to reflect good SEO practices.


Blogs are responsible for three critical components of a successful marketing campaign. TheyBlogger optimize your website for organic search rankings, increase the visibility of your brand and establish your business as a leading expert among your competitors. In short, regular blog posts attract targeted customers, ensure they remain loyal to you and provide them with reliability. It is essential that businesses publish accurate, shareable content on a consistent basis for maximum optimization.

Article Writing

This is the age of information. People want knowledge. If your target market is searching forArticle Writer education, best it is provided to them – by you, not your competitors. Articles explore a topic of interest and investigate the subject, offering your customers comprehensive information that distinguishes your business as a reputable service provider.

Landing Pages

A healthy online marketing strategy generates leads and converts them. The use of landing pages isLanding Page Writer widely considered essential, provided the content is targeted. It focuses specifically on increasing your customer base, enables efficient scrutiny of analytic data, reduces advertising costs and offers a high return on investment. After spending considerable money on increasing traffic through advert campaigns, it is wise to send people where they want to go instead of forcing them to navigate your website.

Newsletters and Emails

Attracting prospective clients is not enough; you need to interact with them so they do not strayNewsletter and Email Writer elsewhere. Communication plays a pivotal role in building customer loyalty. Email is among the most lucrative marketing tools at your disposal and has the ability to engage each segment of your audience personally. Newsletters are of paramount importance because they keep your customers updated with the latest news, trends, information and events related to your company and services.

Sales Copy

The importance of quality sales copy should never be underestimated. After attracting leads withSales Copywriter your image and marketing, a strong call-to-action is vital for the final conversion. Without it, you risk sending your customers to your competitors instead. Words are powerful when used thoughtfully. They have the ability to incite emotion, thought and ultimately the reaction you require. Text that is accurate, compelling, original, concise, persuasive and lively… this is what people respond to.

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PhotographyProfessional Photographer

I have a working relationship with a talented photographer, should one be required. Quality pictures are pivotal to creating content worth reading and images are visually stimulating. We often work together on eBook projects, but her skills are versatile. Her services are available to make your content stand out from your competitors.

Quotes for WritingHungry Sources

Over the years, I have met various people from different career paths and built solid relationships with them. It is a proven fact that quoting experts in your content makes your subject more believable and valuable to your readers. Regardless of the topic, I am able to source relevant quotes that provide integrity to your content, from real experts in the field.